We live under the same moon. We are one.

People who have experienced The Supermoon have universally fallen in love with it. They have a need to touch it, to be photographed in front of it,  to smile and ask, “What’s it mean?”

The moon is a source of collective consciousness that gives meaning to the world. It has inspired mythologies, and thus created cultures and entire civilizations. The moon gives rise to the tides, stabile seasons, crops, life-altering patterns of waking, sleeping, eating and mating. It protects our planet form meteors that would devastate all life on earth. The moon’s force is expressed in art, literature, and dreams through universal themes.

The moon is a unifying experience, reflecting a beacon of light for the welcomed and the uninvited against the darkness between the stars. It is a homecoming for the collective unconscious of humans, our past ancestors, and our future ancestors through our daily shared visual lunar experiences. When we look upon it on any night we know our relatives’ future and past have to experience the same;  the same wars, the same trauma, the same moments of elation and fun.

The moon represents literal individual psychological integration. It is the light part of yourself, and the shadow of yourself. It is the darkness and trauma we’ve experienced when it disappears, vast and overwhelming, and difficult to integrate the lightness of being we have. The two never seem to come into sync except occasionally for a few brief moments in time.

And that magical moment is the complete solar eclipse in totality. The moon is displaying its peak power to unify individually and collectively. For two minutes when the moon passes in front of the sun, the moon is heavenly in its brilliance. To describe it to someone who has not experienced totality is like trying to speak a new language. Words fail, replaced by emotion, a collective sense of orgasmic awe, beauty, and disbelief. Perhaps have the realization that for one moment our light and dark sides are in complete harmony. It is the most awesome experience most will ever have.

It is a galactic happening and we are part of the performance art. We are one.  Any organization can use it to promote its own theme. It is the opportunity for them to invent their own message or mythology around it. Use The Supermoon to bring the people and enhance the message.

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