What is the Supermoon?

It’s a fantastic art/science installation, 20 feet in diameter, and an internally illuminated recreation of the moon.

The Supermoon serves many lunar-themed purposes. It is also an incredible collaboration of art, architecture, and nature which can be enhanced even further with external lighting. An original musical score featuring lunar sounds may also be included in the showing.  To further enhance your event, we can provide an incredible replica of an Apollo 11 A7L spacesuit – the kind used when humans first stepped on the Moon, that can be worn at the event by an actor to interact with people.


I believe our purpose in life is to be happy and to help other people be happy. Life is too short. We all live under the same beautiful moon, so we must treat everyone on Earth with love. When people see The Supermoon, I believe it moves us in that direction, I hope, as it creates a sense of wonderment and reflection.

On another level, all culture is created from stories, and the most basic cultural foundation is rooted in astronomy and cosmology. Mythologies develop to explain natural phenomena, like the movement of the moon, the tides, the planting of crops, and religion. The Moon is one of the three most of potent cultural astronomical influences.

Who is Larry Zamba?

Larry is a photographic artist known for his hyper-surrealistic, vivid photography. To see his fantastic photographs, check out www.larryzamba.com.