The Supermoon for Educational Experiences

The Supermoon is designed to be an exact replica of the moon, printed out from NASA photos taken by lunar orbiting satellites. Each inch of this inflatable sculpture represents 3 miles of the moon’s surface. Viewers can see every mountain and impact crater on its surface, from the Sea of Tranquility where humans first landed to the dark side of the moon. The natural instinct of people is to touch it out of curiosity. They are hungry for knowledge of this tremendous orb they see on most nights. And we call it The Supermoon because that’s the time in its orbit when the moon is closest to the Earth. When it’s on display, it’s very close to the Earth indeed.

The Apollo A7L Space Suit Replica

Supermoon events offer a spectacular event-caliber replica of the iconic Apollo A7-L spacesuit, which was made famous by the first people who stepped foot on the moon on July 20, 1969. It may be used in conjunction with The Supermoon or can be made used by itself at events or photo shoots.

The spacesuit includes the Personal Life-Support System (PLSS) backpack, a Snoopy communications cap, moon boots, a helmet with a gold sun visor, and a passive cooling vest to keep the “Astro-not” comfortable.

Depending upon the event location, we may be able to offer personnel to wear the space suit, or you may provide your own person.

Mercury Space Capsule Replica

Supermoon EventsYou can rent a life-sized Mercury space capsule replica from Wam Bam for events! America’s first crewed spaceship flew into sub-orbit in 1961 and soon afterwards began orbiting the Earth in successive missions till 1963. People can actually sit inside of the high-fidelity, cockpit, touch the controls, and experience what it was like to soar into space during the early days of the space race!

The display also includes a small working mission control console true in design to those used at Cape Canaveral during that era.